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All elite wrestling (AEW) will return to Pay Per View (PPV) night (Saturday, September 5, 2020) with all their best efforts. The show departs from the Daily Plaza in Jacksonville.
The preview, The Buy In, will start live and free on All Elite’s YouTube channel and B/R Live from 7:00 pm Eastern time / 4:00 pm Pacific time.
The main card can be purchased on B/R Live through cable and satellite providers in the United States and Canada for $49.99, and on anywhere else for $19.99.
Here we provide the staff with predictions for all the games on the card, and preview all nine games here.
Cageside Seats will provide the following live coverage of All All, from the first game of the night to the main event.
Kick off your shoes on your favorite professional wrestling website, relax and enjoy all the action. And remember to keep refreshing!
If there are tears on my face, it will make me shudder. Baby, this shocked me, it was just heartache. And, you know I never cry, or at least when I broadcast this professional wrestling show for you on my blog, dear ones.
When Sonny Kiss watched from the stage, Janela attacked the door, lasso and elbow, and then shot. Throw Serpentico out of the ring, follow behind him, and fall to the ground! Back indoors, Luther took Sonny away, and Joey was distracted long enough for Serpentico to knock him to the ground!
The whip put Janela in the barricade, knocked him down, went back inside, the bad boy chopped him off with his boots, but immediately ate a pancake! Back outdoors, Serpentico tried to prevent referee Rick Knox from distracting, and Luther worked for Janela! Go back inside, let Joey leave, look up, and pretend to be a standing pedal!
Janela fired, stretched her forearms to the corner, flogged, charged, dodged, knees connected from her apron, and Serpentico followed behind with a slingshot splash! There was still only one number. He rose to an atomic bomb at a sentry post, but Joey bowed his knees! The Death Valley driver sets the Blue Thunder driver…so close!
Janela walked by the moon and reached the top… Homeless Serpentico got out of him and kicked into the basement DDT super…no! Bad Boy climbed to the top again, Shotei cut him off with a corner elbow, and caught up with him. Fighting for position… AVALANCHE FISHERMAN BUSTER cannot put down Serpentico!
Luther’s running around interfered, Joey kicked him out of the field, Serpentico was eye-catching, but Janela took off with a lasso! Hovering, Joey on top…
Cassidy and Silver started, the collar and elbows, lightly padding out in the grip. The marking team’s actions intensified, Quen and Reynolds flew around each other, and Private Party developed an advantage. Alex escaped, was labeled, and the silver powerful bomb Isiah became his partner and escaped from it!
Working hard to make Kassidy back down and isolate him from the outside world for a long time, but Quen entered the heat and cleared the house! Springboard Jumping Moon Boots… Reynolds can help you! The stupid string was stopped and counterattacked, leading to the back of the head, Silver got Marq up and exploded the Argentine powerful bomb… MARQ QUEN kicked out!
Back and forth, private parties dived, but the dark order blocked! The elbow bends into an enzuigiri, a Stunner, a German, and a folding knife…that’s not good! Marq kicked with Pele, tagged, guided with charges, boots, Kun leaped…
Big Swole sat in the car with the referee, then walked into the office to take care of Rebel in the lobby for a short time. She was looking for Baker in the hall. Baker was ready to set off and was about to avoid Monroe’s gaze. Antenna found herself in a room and opened a cabinet full of toy teeth. Britt rolled up behind her and smashed her diploma!
Assault her, first try to electrify the tooth drill, and then try to extract the tooth! Big Swole nailed her to the head with a metal tray, and Rebel rolled up behind her to distract her with bolts. Fight outside, defeat Baker with the wet floor, and let her sit in a wheelchair with piles of boxes!
Rebel came out from behind again and threw Monroe onto the golf cart, Britt joined her, and they braced back and forth. Baker on the roof, the super kicker in the basement, lifted her up, the former sergeant…DDT on the top of the golf cart! They tried to put the “big fool” into the hands of the garbage dealer, but she blocked and defeated Britt! She dumped the rebels into the trash can!
Baker attacked from behind with a cane, then ran back indoors while Monroe was chasing. After returning to the office, Aerial smashed her face into the sink, and then rolled the office chair into her body. The former deputy, blocked, swaying and breaking his neck…no! The trade strike on the porch, Monroe gave a vicious kick…not enough!
Britt got into the examination room, trained with an electric drill, and stepped over Big Swole, but she managed to escape, and then inserted the drill into the examination chair! Baker called the rebels, she brought a syringe, but the air cube and Britt stabbed the thigh with it! Monrole got the diploma and handed it to the rebels… Dirty diploma goes through the diploma!
Dr. Baker’s leg fell asleep from the syringe… dirty dancing! The idiot put on a nitrous acid mask on her body… SHE’S OUT!
Nick (Nick) and Perry (Perry) started and immediately entered Lucha (lucha) free travel, the trading department was in trouble and in danger. After the marking was completed, Luchosaaurus wiped Matt out with a roundabout kick. Jungle Boy was standing outside the station and pressed the meteor, and then they cleared the young stag from the ring! Back inside, Luka Saorus kicked his foot again, and both men tagged.
Jungle Boy (Jungle Boy) grabbed him a complete Nelson (Nelson), Tail Whip (Tail Whip) set up the reverse STO… only two! Nick dodges the kick, tag, Matt takes the corner kick, then hides under his feet, first hit the dinosaur with enzuigiri, and then hit it with an airdrop! Tag making, double lob, corner high knee, a bulldog/drop combination!
Luchasaurus powerbomb blows one Buck into another and marks Perry! The suicidal scissors pulled Nick off the stage, and then he tried to follow up this step through the springboard DDT, the attempt was reversed into the billowing northern lights! Hanging on the rope, Jack slapped on the floor, and Matt followed closely, hitting more northern lights on the floor and on the roadblocks!
Marko Stunt helped Jungle Boy defeat the Earl, and Nick locked him with a grounded outpost. The Bucks continued to work for Perry, cleaning the apron to block the tag, but soon Jack hit the lasso and the road was clear! The mark is done, Ruchosaur runs, double-lose, and the Bucks kicked him down, but he sat up straight!
Go on, rebound, kick the crescent moon, spin, go and go in Matt’s choke, and then he strangles Mick on Nick! Standing Meteor pressed… Nick saved it! Crossed into punches, Matt shot, but Lucasaus fought back with a vicious head! Nick tripped him, the jungle boy swooped at him, the dinosaur man passed Matt to the floor, and the moon landing on the tarmac took away two stags!
Make the label, and also put the Nick label, the forearm of the dinosaur, the Jack on the rope… and pop the counterforce into the apron! FLIP PILEDRIVER on LUCHASAURUS! MATT SUPERKICKS MARKO STUNT is on the floor! Perry (Perry) on the electric chair, the free throw tarmac knocked him to the ground! Back inside, almost fell, dodges the BTE trigger, broke down at the super kick party, Lucas South blocked the Merzell driver, and Joxland planted Nick!
Regarding Matt in the extinction incident, the poison Frankensteiner… NICK JACKSON has reservations! Action on the floor… LUCHASAURUS splashed into the crowd from the top! Little boy in the jungle, Matt is super kicking…too close! Super party! Jungle boy kicked out! Hold your wrist tightly…
The chaos of the quarrel began, just like the long-standing tradition. Pepper hits the fisherman on the Falen Angel and breaks his neck, works with Jake, and Daniels hits the tornado DDT! The boys in Kingston worked hard to eliminate Beretta, but he was persevering and the countdown timer was ticking…
PNP used the foldable baton to take out Chuck, and then he could enter the ring, Trent jumped into them to save his partner! Parks is eliminated, Will prepares to abandon Fenix, but he can’t do it! Hager eliminated Daniels and the countdown began.
Brian immediately eliminated Billy with a news slam! Darby caused serious damage to the skateboard, and Yoshi Tonic took Ricky away! Darby eliminated Rey Fenix! Best friends work together, form sharp eyes, quickly zoom and hug, PNP dumped Taylor, he was eliminated! Kazarian finishes the inner ring work and the countdown timer starts…
The fourth group is Spears (to comment briefly before entering the game), Kingston, Williams, Kiss and Archer.
Lance wiped off a bunch of handsome guys with a messenger bag, Sonny eliminated Hager, but Cage immediately eliminated her! Santana came to the fore, Trent lowered and eliminated him! The fall of his back caused Ortiz to put on his apron, but Archer came over and picked Beretta up, dumped him on the floor, and removed Ortiz before knocking him down.
Sydal climbed up and slipped and hit the mat. Penta was knocked out somewhere there. Matt worked hard on the butcher, but Cage ran into his helper! A bunch of guys strode forward, and Kingston stood up from behind, standing on the German suffix! The archer bent his elbow back, but the machine lassoed him down!
Darby lowered his head, Cage took Starks out with a lasso, and Irene was able to destroy him! The elbow of the machine fell from behind, and Ricky pulled Darby out of the bottom rope, then put him into the ring rod, and then took out a body bag from under the ring​​! He packed Allin into his school bag with a bunch of thumbtacks, and knocked him out with a rope!
Cage pop-up Meteora from Sydal, entered with Spears, kicked him to the apron, rounded kick, double stepped and Shawn was eliminated! Sydal crossed Hobbs, but he was taken aback! Turning to face the archer, Will was facing the archer, but was slammed! The monster trading the forearm, Cage kicked Hobbs to the apron, took off the rope, and the scissors put Archer on the second rope!
The machines will be posted on the tarmac, trading forearms… LANCE ARCHER eliminated these two machines with one tick! Down to the archers, Kingston, Williams and Sydal, trading forearms, but Butcher touched Lance and hit a big messenger bag! In order to eliminate Sydal, the archer helped Matt eliminate Williams, powerful bomb, Kingston, but Sydal hit DDT from Dance’s shoulder!
Eddie hides on the apron, Archer hits Blackout, puts Sydal on the apron, Eddie blows him to the floor to destroy him! Low bridge Lance, fighting on the apron, climbing up, Butcher and Jake Snake intervened, spread the snake backwards, Eddie kicked him, Blade came back, Eddie bit the archer’s ear!
Lance Archer won, and finally strangled Eddie Kingston (Eddie Kingston) to make him the first place in the AEW world championship.
The game was played on the football field, and Hardy asked Guevara to face her disappearance like a man riding a golf cart. Matt avoids, pulls Sammy out of the shopping cart, throws him in the trash can and puts him on the dining table! On the table… DDT enters the table!
On the top of the scissor lift, lift it up, and the Side Effect is blocked. …The GUEVARA spear fell off the lift and crossed the table! Referee Aubrey Edwards scored, but Hardy stood up and defeated the earl! But Guevara had to drag him down, so Edwards called the doctor and called the game.
We got the bell, but Matt seems to be going to continue fighting, so I think it’s still happening. Sammy returned to the circus area and Hardy followed. We were told that when Matt hits the DDT, there must be a winner! Step into the production area and climb up the scaffolding… Hardy hits GUEVARA, leaves the scaffolding, and kicks him on the stage!
Rosa was facing it, Shida triangle was facing the triangle, and counterattacked the bomb, looking for an ankle lock, but the champion broke the rope! Lights with wrist locks, rolls, thunder lowers knees, takes off the rope, lowers elbows, whips to the corner, bumps up and down, forward kicks and forearms of the challenger! Shida used her forearm to loosen the rope on her right back, Frankensteiner connected, stereo kicker, nose to nose deadlock!
Leaning on the rope with elbows, kicking in the corner, double-cutting on Hikaru’s back, and shooting into the back. Shida hit her into the corner, Rosa turned around, chopped it into pieces, hit the corner with the whip, strikes, the whip reversed, and lifted a violent guard from the champion! Hikaru moved on the floor with his running knees, slid under the steel ring, and then fixed it, but Thunder lifted his knees from the chair!
The bow and arrow were on the pillar, the elbow stretched to the spine, and the big boots smashed Rosa’s dominant residence! Go back inside, cover two, and Oklahoma Stampede has become a hot spot! Take off the rope, put down the noose, Shida hugs the sleeper! She stepped back, used scissors, and Rosa poured out an upside-down surfboard! Stand up, rock the horse, take her to the corner, bump her head against Hualan several times!
Drag Hikaru back to the center of the ring, take off the rope, and lower her legs, but Shida stands up and looks for the stretch silencer! Rosa immediately stood up, raised her, the champion slid out and landed on the forearm, grabbed a swing room, stretched the silencer to resist Frankenstein! Take off the rope and lift the big knee from the champion. There are only two on the straight lex!
Look for the Falcon Arrow, turn it into two stitches, and sleeper in the hands of the champion. Put her back in the corner, throw her into the flower basket, charge it, turn the clothesline on the corner, knees in the corner! Taking off the rope, the evil kick brought Shida to the stage! The firefighter boarded the stage, Hikaru slipped out and took her to duty, hooked her, and Rosa went backwards… Death Valley driver on the tarmac!
Go back inside, apply to “Ode to Jim Breaks”, Shida quit and fight for a corner position, super! Rosa fired her shot and Kuang lowered her on the rope in the middle…. Meteora on the stage! Back inside, the thunder quickly recovered, with a blow, German sup, Nzugjiri lit her up! Star and Falcon Arrow…combined!
Hikaru wasn’t sure what to do. Grand slam, double stitches, Shida got Stretch Muffler! Wants to trap the arm, but Rosa has a chance to rest! The braggart follows up, covering up… not good! Shitian’s forearms covered two, and the firefighters carried them into the robbers and were about to fall again!
Penelope Ford spilled the beans, they are getting married! Their wedding will go all out and live off explosives! But before the wedding, the bachelor means he needs a best man, he needs to meet certain conditions, and he will announce this in this week’s “Dynamite”.
All-out chaos began, and it will soon be attributed to Lee and Rhodes. Whip the rope hard, move on the floor, and then trade the evil ribs on the floor. Back inside, Uno fell out, but “Nature’s Nightmare” cut him off, and then a baby face control clip appeared, making him work long hours. The evil bail, in and out, they isolate Marshall in the corner.
In the dark stage, QT got the reverse STO on Grayson and the road was clear, but Uno cut him off and bit his finger! Marshall turned over and marked Cardona! Matt cleaned the house and Cabana was legal. He was kneeling, the missile kicked and connected, he put his forearm into the corner forearm, Grayson’s back fell down…BROSKI stepped on his boots, but Li stepped his foot on the rope!
Facebuster, Evil and Stu Low Bridge Cardona, Brodie attracted him, threw it back indoors, and offered it to Cabana. Cover two, apply reverse locks, and mark to Grayson. Put Matt on the apron, put the slingshot sentry atomic bomb on the apron, and move inward! Work hard, mark Mr. Brodie into “OG Dark Order” and chase the dragon…no!
Cardona retorted the top with a neckline, made a label, and Rhodes came in to illuminate Grayson! Put down the slap, put down Manhattan, running bulldog! Catch the powerslam shovel to the disturbing Uno, use another Manhattan Drop, powerslam, and flip pile driver to catch up with Stu on Colt Cabana! Lee was shortlisted as a super kicker, and Colt fell into the sky!
Anna Jay got up from behind, Brandi Rhodes kicked her out with a water pump, Scorpio got off the rope, and the satellite Tiella put Brody on the floor! Sky clapped his hands and took off the rope. Stu cut off his footsteps, but he managed to knock him down, knocking TKO down…UNO broke it! Cardona (Radio Silence) knelt down with Radio Silence, but the other Radio Silence was fired by him!
Take off the rope, Marshall with blind tag, top con giro from Cardona! Back inside, Radio Silence counterattacked Brodie with a powerful bomb and QT Dropdie. Cabana puts on his clothes, “Flying Asshole” makes him stand out, and Marshall carries his toes! Back inside, calling for the diamond cutter, but Grayson blocked it!
With the aid of a powerful bomb, he threw him into the truck stop, and the little pony flew out of the top from the splash…Marshall kicked it out! Dustin and Brodie are legal. A big lasso takes Rhodes out and sticks it on the Cabana. The moon landing missile…the home of no one! Dustin is on him…
Matt Cardona, “Natural Nightmares” and “Scorpio Sky” and Dustin Rhodes from Colt Cabana (Colt Cabana) Rhodes) boys win by falling.
After the game, Mr. Brodie Lee lost his temper, smashed his chair on the roadblock and pushed the boy over. He hated Colt Cabana for losing the game and breaking into it forcibly.
Dustin Rhodes accepted an interview about his victory, he was very excited about it, and he dedicated the game to Cody Rhodes. Tony Schiavone told him that he participated in the TNT Championship on Wednesday and he was choked. He said that it has been a long time since he had the opportunity to put a gold medal on his waist. He thanked Tony Khan for the opportunity and said that he came for Lee’s blood and hell was with him.
Wheeler and Omega started, but Page wanted Kenny to trust him and let him start. Omega gave up the floor, his collar and elbows gave in, Cash dragged him into the corner, broke it clean, and shook hands. Man Zishou did not accept, he punched Wheeler! Fighting with Harwood, Kenny must pit to pull him away, the championship is almost competing for each other!
Back to the same page, when referee Paul Turner counted, Stereo Volleyball knocked him down, Stereo Volleyball disappointed him, and Kenny won a double high five! The Page label was inserted and continued to work for Wheeler, but soon FTR reversed the situation. Outside was Hangman. Hangman kept scrolling, aiming at the middle section of Page over and over again.
Adam got more small packages than three points, but referee Paul Turner was trapped in the corner by Wheeler, countless! On the floor, Hangman jumped off his apron and lasso Dax, and then entered the label! Omega wears an axe handle, Cash cut him off with his boots, but two are left behind! Knock Harwood out of the ring, take it with the firefighter, Finlay Roll!
The springboard moon…not good! Fire, get off the rope… TOPE CON GIRO! Back inside, two missiles were thrown. Omega was looking for “Doctor Willie Bomb”, but the cash was blocked and marked. Leapfrog, Dax caught him with Tenryu’s powerful bomb! Rolling, bridging the German rubber into folding knife stitches…no! Insert page tags and charge for stacked FTR!
Assist the German defender to Harwood, pop the Tenryu Powerbomb on the Wheeler, and lift the V-Trigger to the back of his head…so close, he can taste it! Cash made Kenny climb to the top, climbed up to join him, and competed for position. Cash distracted Turner, Dax O took Omega, and made a label. After chasing him, Hangzi tried to save him, Wheeler DDT wrapped him in an apron, Dax dressed in a super duplex, cashed out from the top… Omega kicked it out!
The Goodnight Express was blocked, and Wheeler used his brain on Kenny! The child slid the lasso, the cash hit the tornado DDT, the omega floated, the poison Frankensteiner! Underhooks… JAY DRILLER but WHEELER kicked it! Take off the rope, V-Trigger, electric chair, Cash slide out, go to the corner, avoid, Dax tag enters, V-Trigger enters the empty turnbuckle, and screw the dragon screw in the rope!
Another dragon screw on the ring, Harwood crossed his legs, Hitcher trailer! Kenny got the rope for forced rest! Continuing to maintain the pressure, the elbow fell to the knee, the toe was stepped, Omega walked away, breathing on the floor, and staggering along the roadblock. The subman came to check him, but referee Paul Turner sent him back to the corner.
Wheeler is following, Harwood is on the other side, and Dax is kneeling! He twisted his knees hard, but he got a pair of dragon-shaped tops! Harwood blocked his footsteps and walked over, Kenny kicked him away, Dax threw Peppa off his apron! Both of them came down. Omega wanted the label, but no one was there, so he avoided it. Harwood slapped the turnbuckle hard!
The man retreated, tagging, the house caught fire, boots, springboard lasso, Wheeler fell from the top, Paige caught him into a failed grand slam and hit Dax’s hot spot! The low bridge put Cash on the floor, Adam raised his head… SENTON ATOMICO walked to the floor from head to toe, enjoy! Back inside, the FTR was stabilized, the tornado DDT was blocked, the waist was locked, the standing switch, and the other, Harwood hit a lasso from the apron and came two!
FTR up top…Double diving headrest, but OMEGA saves! Kenny and Dax are in aprons, trade strikes on elevated elbows, Omega lifts him back and forth on the ropes, Wheeler swoops down, and sunset will powerbomb/bulldog The combination fell to the ground! Back in the car, Wheeler missed the splash, Page stood up, Cash and the label on the electrified chair.
Harwood stood out… the elevated bulldog got two! The child is with him… Moonsult FALLAWAY can’t keep the scream! Set him for the last call, cash reduction, V-Trigger eliminated Page, Wheeler won Omega elimination! Mark dax, piledriver lifter, masher… Hanger digs deep and finds something to kick out!
FTR won the AEW World Tag Team Championship with a small mistake on Mindbreaker’s “Hangman” Adam Page.
When Page recovered, Kenny Omega was holding a folding coffee table in his hand. He threw it aside and went out, Paige twisted on the mat.
The camera followed Omega to the background and told the Bucks that he had done his best. They walked together. Kenny arrived in the car and told them that you can’t go back, you can only go forward, and they won’t mix with him when he is driving.
He said that the past fourteen weeks were not a dispute or procedure, but an experiment to see if he could make Orange Cassidy a legitimate main event. After everything, he can honestly tell you, Tonight, Orange is the legal main event to be played on AEW, and everyone can thank him.
Not only that, tonight he will find that Le Champion made his dream come true, and he also ended his dream, tonight the Orange Cassidy experiment is over.
Cassidy pitted right away and Jericho caught him with Codebreaker… No way! Punch, back glue, more punches, ribs. Orange went outside, he prevented himself from falling into the vat, Y2J followed behind, and broke the plastic tray above his head! Throw them into the big bucket, both of them stayed in the battle, Orange went to fight Frankenstein, but Chris fought back with a powerful bomb!
Wait… a powerful bomb by the table! Y2J tried to hold Cassidy’s face on the mimosa, but he struggled! Jericho is holding Floyd in his hand…the orange super kicks the head! Back inside, a trade strike, Cassidy narrowly won the victory, and Michinoku Driver followed up… NOPE! The wall of Jericho applied. Orange crawled for safety. He picked up the glass and dipped it in the mimosa because Y2J pulled him back indoors.
Turning around, he splashed on Jericho’s face, forcing a break! Small package…no! After Superman Punch was connected, he threw Y2J out of the ring and put his foot into the barrel, but he was not submerged, and the game continued! Cassidy was up high, shooting, avoiding the news slam, and smashing Chris’ face into a turnbuckle!
Selangor’s Frankensteiner is fighting for position among the Playboys and is fighting for a penalty shootout for Jericho! Satellite DDT is down…not enough! Codebreaker connected but Orange kicked it! Lifting Cassidy, he slipped out, Jericho changed gear, thinking that the edge of the razor had been put in the bucket, but Orange slipped out again!
Orange Cassidy won, knocking Chris Jericho into the barrel of Mimosa and drowning him in a Superman punch.
The mat struggled and began to walk back and forth in his waist locks, and Friedman used his legs to stiffen. Striker, half shot, header takes over. Moxley bent over his elbow, took the head lock again, screwed it in, fired the shot, and took a bite! Taking off the rope, his elbow fell and missed, Max was taken over by another headlock!
MJF let go of his hands and approached the rope and went to the suction cup puncher Mox, but he saw it coming and cut him to the ground! Jon goes out, Friedman refuses to follow, they eventually change positions and Moxley dives at him! Rot shrank him on the barricade and took him off the barricade with a lasso. The champion was cool and got hold of it while standing with Wardlow.
Use Maxwell to knock down the roadblock and use the finger bones to cause referee Bryce Remsburg to scream, but the only thing he is willing to do is to warn Moxley that he must be in the game win the game. Back inside, it was a boy. MJF grabbed his arm, but Mox stretched forward. At the corner, with an upside-down face lock, Jon slipped out, the sleeper stayed, Hart/Pipper completed the reversal, no dice!
Mox applied cross armrests, held hands tightly, and turned the counter back into two covers. Another screen staggered Friedman’s head with elbows. Gourdbuster hung MJF on the top rope, but he used an evil wringer to take Moxley off the apron! Back inside, stepping on his injured elbow, applying a wrist lock, Jon stood up, his elbow was pressed against his face, and Max fell twice.
Go back to the wrist lock at the top, push Moxley to the corner with the original Irish whip, and blow him to the floor! Jon recovered, put MJF in his apron, and then ejected him onto the ring! Back inside, when Max stood up to reveal his crimson mask, Mox made the “I have to put my shoulders back” transaction!
The one-armed Moxley almost fell, thinking of a Gotch pile driver, but his arm buckled and Friedman rolled to the floor! Jon pulled him out and hit Bossman Slam on the floor! Go back inside and pry open his arm again, but Mox turns around and the Gotch piledriver…no! Biting the challenger’s blood covering his forehead, MJF’s forehead, face and chest!
Max chased him to his feet. Max bit his hand in return and chopped him off. . . Standing on the armrest, Moxley with their right hand, their forearms are staggered but still standing, switching to palm blows, MJF put down a lasso, kicked to the knee, ule kicked to the face, took off the rope, the champion used the forearm Grab his dinner with Germany!
Lariat followed it up and fell into a disguise…not enough! Moxley dragged his feet, panting heavily, his eyes condensed, ing his chest like a primitive god of war, and summoned MJF. Friedman spit on his face! Underhooks… REMSBURG reminded him to forbid his paradigm shift, MAX wants to drop him into the salt of the earth!
Mox twisted and got up desperately. MJF twisted his fingers and dragged him to an inverted cross armrest…JON MOXLEY stepped on! Heatseeker, his arm swayed on the rope, Moxley will keep it forever! Looking for another bird and throwing double birds at the fans, but Mox hangs on him… AIR RAID CRASH! still have not!
The forehead went from the forehead to the knee, close to each other, palms hit each other, the forearm, the head rest, the knee that fell from the champion was lifted into the head rest, and the rope was taken off, while MJF pulled Bryce in to stop! Poke Jon’s eyes, hook his arms, and slide back…no! Mox competed for position, and as the blood ran down Max’s face, he got a sleeper opportunity!
He grabbed Bryce again and whispered…only two! Inverted lock, Friedman hits Cross Rhodes… MOX kicked out! Putting on the apron, he threw the ring in, but Moxley saw it… When the referee turned around, the paradigm shifted! ended!
After the game, Mox brought the perfect Yano shrug picture to Lance Archer. He flipped the birds of Archer and Jack Roberts.

Post time: Sep-27-2020